Friday, June 7, 2013

Palmer Island Lighthouse

This is a shot of Palmer Island Lighthouse over in New Bedford, Massachusetts. This was my first visit here considering I am not home very often, being stationed in California and all. I went here with my sister and her husband. When we got here there was a gate blocking the way saying “No Trespassing” and to something of the effect of government officials only. We saw a few other people on the other side that didn’t fit the part so we figured we would be alright and just crossed over. It was a small hike to where the lighthouse was but it was worth it. This is a RAW image that was processed in Photoshop CS6. I have been moving away from HDR images as I’m sure some of you may have noticed with my recent photos. I like the more natural look it and it requires more skill in my opinion.

Palmer Island

Palmer Island Lighthouse

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