Thursday, May 2, 2013


Introducing Steven Feusi. This is my buddy from the Marine Corps that was willing to let me take some pictures of him. We had some time off after work so we went out back near his car which happens to be a sweet red Chevy Nova. He was super embarrassed because I had him dress somewhat nice and we were around the barracks where we live with people walking around but it still worked out. It was his first time in front of the camera for a shooting session so being a little uncomfortable is understandable. I can imagine how awkward it must feel with someone just staring at you through a lens. This picture was shot while he was sitting in the front seat of his car with the door open. The light was awesome because it was in the shade and the sun was behind him so I barely touched this photo. All I did was brighten his pupils a bit and take away some blemishes. The new lens makes such a difference for portrait pictures. It’s amazing. I suggest to anyone who is serious to take portraits to go out and get a 85mm F/1.4. It gives it that soft professional look.



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