Saturday, April 27, 2013

San Clemente Girl

This isn’t actually a photo I took but I wanted to put it up because my buddy Steven had taken it and I helped with the editing. Unfortunately my friend didn’t catch her name so I can’t say who this is exactly but he spotted her while we were hanging out at the beach. I was teaching him how to use this new 84mm f/1.4 lens that I bought and he couldn’t help but want to take this girls photo. He went over and asked for permission and she was kind enough to say yes. The clouds were covering the sun at the time so it made for a real nice filtered light which accentuated the natural beauty of the girl. He did a great job with the actually taking of the photo considering he has minimal experience with photography. You can find my friend who took this on tumbler here. His name is Steven Feusi, Hope you like our collaborative efforts at making a photo. And thank you to whomever you are San Clemente girl.

_DSC1570 copy

San Clemente Girl

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