Sunday, March 10, 2013

Manhattan Beach Sunset

This is a photo that I took a few weeks back of Manhattan Beach when I drove up to Los Angeles. For this photo I didn’t have any other choice besides using the HDR technique to process it because of the look that I wanted to achieve. I could have gotten away without using the HDR technique but the pier would have turned to a silhouette against the background. This shot is made up of three exposure shot from a tripod at -3, 0, +3. All three exposures were lens corrected in Photoshop and saved as jpegs. They were then brought into Photomatix and combined into an HDR image. I have been trying to spend as little time as I can in Photomatix because I find that the longer I spend there the more crazy the effects turn out on my picture. Even the Photoshop processing on the picture was fairly minimal because all that was done were some level and curve adjustments and masking through to some of the original layers.

Manhattan Pier Color

Manhattan Beach Sunset

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